‘Morning On The Black River’, in Chester, New Jersey.

Of all the scenic places I have been to in New Jersey, the Black River is the place I continue to return to year after year, with the most dramatic scenery and wildlife. Come at the right time of the year (spring) and the right time of the day (sunrise) you will will experience a drama unfold that will simply be unforgettable.

Every spring the Mayflies hatch in a spectacular display. The warmth and the sunlight encourages the Flies to hatch, they then proceed to mate as they form large swarms hovering over the water. The flies lives only for 24 hours. Once the females has laid their eggs in the water they die or are eaten by birds or fish.

A short video capturing a series of ‘Good Times’ or special moments throughout the Summer and Fall in New Jersey’s Nature.

Music: Aleksandr Shamluev

After a long and cool Spring, Summer is finally here with all the nature and wildlife one can find along the Musconetcong River in New Jersey.
All original footage was shot on location in Bloomsbury, New Jersey.

Music: Aleksandr Shamluev – Soundcloud.


Apart from all the things that’s going on in our busy lives, we always come home to enjoy the little things that makes us content. Like the small town feeling, the backyards and the changing seasons. Our gardens and projects around our house, the BBQ’ing and outdoor fires. Yet, what makes it a true Bloomsburian Summer is all the wildlife that lives in and around the Musconetcong river.

Music: AShamaluevMusic (ASM) – Soundcloud
Songs: ‘Inspired’ & ‘Cinematic Inspiration’

Images of New Jersey’s Nature in the year that passed from around the State.              Music: ‘Adventure’

Another eventful year has passed with all its adventures times and special moments one can only find in New Jersey’s nature.

A video showing some of the best of New Jersey’s Nature during the summer of 2017, including images from Morris, Hunterdon and Warren County.

Made by 4 Season Photos

Music – Green D John

This video was shot over a period of two days, on some unusually cold mornings in the spring of 2016. Some of the images were shot from the “bow” of a canoe. At times the air was so cold it was difficult to feel our fingers. It was truly an amazing experience to observe as the scenery and wildlife woke up, all at the same time.

The Musconetcong River is one of the most wonderful waterways in New Jersey. It can be a very special place. Experiencing the river early in the morning is a memorable experience with its truly remarkable and diverse wildlife.

Beavers are some of the incredible semi aquatic animals available to be observed by New Jersey residents. They are fascinating, peaceful and hardworking creatures, that keeps New Jersey’s waterways healthy and beautiful.

Juvenile Green Heron on the Musconetcong River, New Jersey, hunting for small fish along the shoreline.

Some of all the little things Gardeners enjoy about their little patch of land – Flowers, Insects, Birds and Mammals. Music: Dan Lind

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