‘DEER’EST’ is a short video that follows a Doe with two fawns, feeding, playing and hiding by the Musconetcong River in New Jersey.

On May 11 2022, I was sitting along the Musconetcong River following a Cormorant with my camera when I caught sight of a unfamiliar looking Heron in the distance. I immediately gave up on my initial pursuit and decided to focus my attention on the ‘new’ bird. This is the footage I managed to gather.
It appeared to be a young and inquisitive bird. After returning home and consulted my ‘Peterson Field Guide to Birds’ I realized it was a Yellow-crowned Night Heron and I thought how fortunate I was to have been at the right time and place. I later reported the sighting to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

‘PEACE’ is a short peaceful video of the nature and wildlife found in and around the Musconetcong River in New Jersey.

Winter gives a unique opportunity to observe bird species that you otherwise would not be able to see. For example the migrated Snow Geese from the Arctic has flown thousands of miles to forage in a warmer climate. Or the Bald Eagles that is not busy nesting or are obscured by leaves in the trees. And the Canada Geese that has come 2-3 thousand miles from the north to find open waters in our lakes and rivers before flying home in the spring.

A short video featuring a series of nature and wildlife scenes captured during the summer of 2021 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

A short video showing White Tailed Deer filmed in Warren and Hunterdon County during the spring and summer of 2021.

‘Morning On The Black River’, in Chester, New Jersey.

Of all the scenic places I have been to in New Jersey, the Black River is the place I continue to return to year after year, with the most dramatic scenery and wildlife. Come at the right time of the year (spring) and the right time of the day (sunrise) you will will experience a drama unfold that will simply be unforgettable.

Every spring the Mayflies hatch in a spectacular display. The warmth and the sunlight encourages the Flies to hatch, they then proceed to mate as they form large swarms hovering over the water. The flies lives only for 24 hours. Once the females has laid their eggs in the water they die or are eaten by birds or fish.

A short video capturing a series of ‘Good Times’ or special moments throughout the Summer and Fall in New Jersey’s Nature.

Apart from all the things that’s going on in our busy lives, we always come home to enjoy the little things that makes us content. Like the small town feeling, the backyards and the changing seasons. Our gardens and projects around our house, the BBQ’ing and outdoor fires. Yet, what makes it a true Bloomsburian Summer is all the wildlife that lives in and around the Musconetcong river.

‘New Jersey Nature, The Season That Passed 2018’ – Images of New Jersey’s Nature from around the State. Another eventful year has passed with all its special moments one can only find in New Jersey’s nature.

‘A Gardeners World’. Some of all the little things Gardeners enjoy about their little patch of land – Flowers, Insects, Birds and Mammals.

‘New Jersey Nature, The Season That Passed’ A video showing some of the best of New Jersey’s Nature during the summer of 2017, including images from Morris, Hunterdon and Warren County.

A short video of the Black River, set to music by Stefano Maccarelli.

A short video about a secluded and curious creature, the Beaver.
All original footage – shot in New Jersey

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