‘4 Season Photos’ is a husband and wife team of freelance photographers. We have a passion for nature as is evident in our work. We believe in truthful imagery so our images are presented naturally and with very little correction or alterations are based in New Jersey and most of our work highlights the State’s beauty. New Jersey is a tremendous source of natural beauty and wildlife. New Jersey’s nature is the most diverse of all the states, due to it’s many varieties of natural environments from Mountains, Coastal regions, Farm Land, Swamps, Lakes, Rivers and Creeks across the State.

Dave is a Freelance Photographer who has lived in New Jersey most of his life. He grew up in Morris County where he spent many happy summers with his brothers and friends, playing in the woods and by the creeks near his home, building tree forts and camp fires, searched for frogs and polliwogs. His love for nature is reflected in his work, such as the beautiful moment in the video when the Snowy Owl was resting near him, as a cold December snow shower descended over the landscape.

Carrie began taking pictures in her teens, a hobby she has enjoyed for years, mostly in Nature and Wildlife Photography. Living first in Greenland and then in Denmark, where she grew up, she has experienced first hand some of natures great wonders. “It was my dad who encouraged me to take photography seriously. That sent me out an inspiring road of photographic experiences. Sometimes you feel so blessed to be in the right place at the right time, such as the moment in the video, when the “Dancing Deer” appeared. As it all began unfolding I just stood there, watched my camera intently, held my breath and hoped I wasn’t going to mess it up.”

DSC06128 edit

‘Mornings are one of my favorite times of the day to photograph. It’s the time when the earth seem to slowly come alive and grow into a large choir of bird song and sun rays.’